The first year of the new millennium is coming to a close and the world is in a heightened state of anxiety. Economic and political, as well as religious, competitiveness are clouding the future. At a time of unease and uncertainty we tend to gravitate and find solace in what is familiar. We hope this newsletter and the memories of growing up in Rio de Janeiro and attending EA are familiar and comforting.

In the news you may find a familiar name in Miriam Jordan (EA Rio ’81) who is a reporter for the Wall Street Journal currently residing in São Paulo with her husband Jonathan and their two children. Miriam has had several articles published on a variety of topics pertaining to Brazil. She keeps in touch with several EA alums from a variety of classes. Robin Liddle (EA Rio ’82) is head of Citibank Brazil’s private banking group and is also based in São Paulo.  Robert Wilson (EA Rio faculty) lives in Rio de Janeiro facing the Lagoa and he is VP at Citibank’s partnership with Opportunity Bank.

In a trip to London earlier this year I had a chance to meet up with Victor Benavides, Christina Robertson, and Ruy Castro (EA Rio ’85), José Castro’s brother. Victor did not graduate with us but he eventually attended Wharton at The University of Pennsylvania before starting work with FSA – Financial Security Assurance. Christina still works at Andrew Lloyd Weber’s charity organization, The Really Useful Co. In November of last year I was able to take advantage of another business trip, this time to Argentina, to attend to José Castro’s daughter’s christening outside of Buenos Aires. Helena Castro and her mom, Roxana, are doing fine while José tries to make sense of the Argentine economy. The Castros have taken recent trips to Tanzania, Kenya, New York, and Miami.

Ricardo Cookson is happy living in Miami with his Brazilian girlfriend, Izaura, at a nice apartment facing Biscayne Bay. He has been volunteering at Shake-a-Leg, a non-profit organization committed to helping disabled children enjoy the sport of sailing. Izaura works with off-shore financial investments and travels to Brazil regularly. They both visited Costa Rica in May for 10 days where they went white-water rafting on the Pacuare River, canopy-riding in the Monteverde cloud forest preserve, and soaking in the hotsprings while watching the Arenal volcano erupt. Archie Dick, recently started a new business venture, Carioca Systems Inc, and continues to work at Motorola in Ft. Lauderdale. He's also happily engaged to Patricia Valverde, a systems engineer from Peru. Whenever he's got the time, he maintains our class website, plays guitar, and shoots pool. He also religiously lifts weights at a local gym. Bernard Brown became a road warrior. He's constantly shuffling between TX and GA while teaching large companies the intricacies of Lotus Notes.

Paul Huibers is living in Indianapolis, the headquarters for his company, Eli Lilly. Francisco Conceição just got back from a vacation to Itacaré, Bahia. Rumor has it that he can’t stay away from Bahia for too long. Flávio Carvalho is finishing up his thesis to wrap up his architecture degree at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Bettina Job Lange has her three children at the Lycée Moliére. Her husband works for Light in Rio. Pablo Arteaga has found great entertainment riding his motorcycle. He toured Spain with a college friend on two wheels. He recently moved his family to a bigger house in Connecticut.

Annette Frandsen finished her high school in a US boarding school in Pennsylvania and sends greetings from Denmark. She is married to her husband, Henrik, and they have two daughters. They live in the countryside since 1992 and are happy with that choice. She is a carpenter by profession, has a glass fusion studio in her barn, and is the drummer in a rock/blues band, as well as avid angler. Her last visit to Rio was in July of this year. Carlos Gustavo de M. e Castro raves about his recent trips to Australia (8 weeks), Ilha da Madeira, and Barcelona. He lives in Porto, Portugal, that shares with Rotterdam, the distinction of being the cultural capital of Europe this year. Jackie Hart Mertz visited Karen Strickland in New Jersey recently. Karen Seiger has been living in New York since last year and loves it. She’s been in touch with Annalisa Balestrino over the years. Natacha Vandenhende works for Mercedes and takes care of her two children, Michael and Tatiana, She’s coming up on her 10th year wedding anniversary. Naoko Matsumoto Lambert has had a change of address to her newly renovated house in Sydney after a 4 year stint in Hong Kong and 2 years in Tokyo. She has also added another member to the family, her third son, George, born on October 23, 2001.



Newsletter (1999) 
(1... 2... 3... Livin’ La Vida Loca)

     Either Nostradamus failed miserably or whoever interpreted his quatrains did not have a clue of what the old man was saying… we’re all still here livin’ la vida loca and heading towards the third millennium. The next big shock may very well be Y2K, but that hardly seems a reason not to get in touch with us and update your comings and goings. As the internet becomes more widespread we are making continuous progress in filling the gaps and becoming a veritable source of news and up to date directory of friends who have shared our days at EA Rio from Kindergarten to our Senior year.

     Here in Miami we are organizing an EA lunch reunion on October 24 at the Venetian Pool in Coral Gables. Anyone with a connection to EA Rio is invited and details of the event can be found at the following link (link removed). We are expecting a pretty good turnout, perhaps as many as 50. Some familiar names, not from our class that live in the area: Paola Machado (’81), Eduardo Miccolis (’84), Tony Planos (’82), Andrew Hutchinson (’81), and Armando Dias (’84).

     There is quite a bit of interest in organizing an EA Reunion in mid 2000. Plans are already being discussed and people are getting organized. If you would like to help or simply follow the discussion look up Bruce Stirling’s website:

Newsletter (1998)

At last here is the class newsletter for 1998. Tarda mas não falha…

     At the end of 1997 I participated in the reconnaissance part of a very interesting internet education expedition with an organization called Globalearn. The trip started in Buenos Aires, Argentina, crossed the Rio Plata and continued through Uruguay and into Brazil, stopping in 9 Brazilian cities and towns before reaching Salvador da Bahia. This was a 6,000 kilometer trip which was covered in 6 weeks. In Curitiba I made sure to get together with Erica Migon and the rest of her family. They were all there, including – Zico, their dachshund – who must have smelled a tricolor and kept a good distance from me. Her family treated me much better and I had one of the best churrasco’s I’ve ever had in Brazil. Erica is still going strong with her acting and also works for "O Boticário", one of Brazil’s largest cosmetic companies.

     During our stop in Rio we included the American School and Ms. Collares in the Globalearn material. I met with Tatiana Reis, teacher for Early Childhood Education, at the cafeteria and we talked about the good old days as my expedition companion and Ms. Marta, E.A.’s technology coordinator, made preparations for the work ahead. On Sunday we took a day off and bumped into Marjorie Morrison at the beach in Barra da Tijuca. Marjorie, a longtime ballerina with the Teatro Municipal has gone back to school. After the beach, Marjorie, Francisco Conceição, Simone, myself, and other friends all went for a sunset dinner at a restaurant overlooking the Restinga de Marapendi near Guaratiba (beyond Barra da Tijuca). The name of the seafood restaurant escapes me at the moment, but it should be included in anyone’s "to do" list for Rio. It was magical. Francisco’s apartment near the foot of the Pão de Açucar is really close to another hidden treasure in Rio – the Pista de Corrida Claudio Coutinho, to the left of the Praia da Urca. It’s a roughly 1.2 km asphalted running track that cuts between the mountain and the sea. You can even see some "micos" – small monkeys that live in the forested area at the foot of the Morro da Urca.

     Further along in our expedition we stopped in Porto Seguro, Bahia, supposedly the area where the Portuguese first landed on Brazilian shores. We stayed at the Shalimar Praia Hotel, owned by Craig Hartman - EA’82. Porto Seguro is a fun place. This road trip through Brazil was really a tremendous experience, and despite three "probleminhas" with our Connecticut-licensed GMC Suburban, the expedition was, as a whole, very successful. The theme of the trip was to capture the ethnic diversity of Brazil’s people and to explore themes such as traditions, the environment, industry, and history revolving around the children we selected as hosts. There are lots of photos of Brazil and I think you will generally find the content to be quite interesting, as well as informative.

     Back in the US I had brunch with Jennifer Clarke and a friend when she made a brief stop in the DC area. She is practicing law in a New York firm with considerable business interests in Brazil. Her brother didn’t quite follow her footsteps, but got some national exposure when he participated in ESPN’s X-games, a sort of budding olympics for extreme sports such as snowboarding, in-line skating, bicycle tricks, and sky surfing.  Paul Huibers is getting married on Oct. 3 in Portugal with Sonia, who he met during his stint in Portugal with EliLilly Pharmaceuticals. They are now both in São Paulo.  Pablo Arteaga has left Union Bank of Switzerland after their merger and is now working at ABN-AMRO, a Dutch bank that has recently expanded considerably in Latin America. He still lives in Connecticut with his wife Ligia and two sons, Jorge and Ricardo.  Alexandre Mandina has announced his wedding plans to Verônica, in April of 1999.  Flávio Carvalho’s masters in architecture is underway at Virginia Tech where he lives with his longtime girlfriend Patricia. Later next year he's planning to finish his studies in Europe.  Chris Steinmetz lives in Weston, a new development Northwest of Miami and West of Ft. Lauderdale on the edge of the Everglades. Chris recently attended an executive education program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in Philadelphia and is currently managing the sales efforts of Rich’s in Latin America.  Bob Cisneros is practicing law for a non-profit in New York City.  Gustavo Junyent has moved to Monterrey, Mexico to open Vigo’s money transfer business in that city. His brother John Junyent lives in Key Biscayne, Florida.

     EA Rio’s Class of 1987 is organizing a multi-year reunion in 1999 at the Club Med in Rio das Pedras, near Angra dos Reis. Every EA alum is invited. The idea is a good one and prices seem quite reasonable.  Also don’t forget to bookmark EA’s unofficial alumni website. The school’s official EA Rio website is now up and running. It has been down on weekends, but works well all other times.

     There are still a few classmates with whom we have not made any contact. Please help us make them aware of this website or have them write to Archie or myself. We are also aware that some people may not want to have their photo or address displayed on the internet. If that is an issue for any of you, please let us know and we will make the necessary changes according to your wishes.

     Brazil’s defeat in the finals of the France ’98 World Cup was disappointing, nonetheless, World Cup time really stirred things around the globe. I understand very little work was done in June and July in Brazil on account of the games and the holidays. All our Japanese classmates beware, in 2002 you may have to clear a few tatami mats and unfold some extra futons! Start stocking up on sake, biiru and onigiri!

Best wishes,

Newsletter (1997)

Dear classmates:

This is the first attempt at an electronic class newsletter and if it works well it will certainly become our standard way of reaching ya'll. Last time I tried to send a newsletter by snail mail it set me back quite a few dollars due to all the international postage and the weight of the letter with everyone's address, telephone, etc. I'm confident email and our website will help us keep in touch better than ever before as well as keep my Grand Cayman Island's bank account from dwindling (ever wonder where class dues went? Now you know!)

     I hope you will help Archie and I keep your information current and news flowing regularly. I've had a chance to see many of you in the last few years and I know there is plenty of interest in knowing how each and everyone of you are doing, as well as your whereabouts. Precisely because we've got such an international class and people are constantly on the move the class website ought to provide a good reference to anyone searching for a long lost friend or to share good news such as weddings, babies, graduations, etc. Regardless of whether you ended up graduating with us we would like to hear from you.

     If you still haven't taken a peek at the Class of 83 Web site you should, you certainly will not be disappointed. Archie has done a great job and he is constantly trying to make the site better as we go along. There are photos, recordings, the class database, newsletters, and even video. The site's main entrance is located at: (notice that the website address is new due to Archie's move from Ireland to the US).

     Another website that will be of great interest is the EA Rio one by Bruce Stirling who graduated when EA was still located in Leblon. It has grown quickly and is extremely well done. This is not the "official" EA Rio website, but it has become the website for all EA alumni thus far.

     The official EA Rio website, which has been put together by Roberto Pons '82, is ready, but is waiting for Telerj (the Rio telephone company) to provide the school with a connection. This may take a while. When it is up we will let you know.

     1998 will be the year of the World Cup in France and I'm sure most, if not all of us, will feel a bit more "verde e amarelo" at kickoff. Enjoy 1998!

Best wishes,

Newsletter (1996)

I am sorry for the delay... but a sincere thanks to all of you who wrote me with updates and address corrections. There are still a few classmates no one has been able to track down, but we'll keep trying. Remember that the field "Date Confirmed" refers to the last time I updated any information on that person. The older the date, the less reliable the information. As one would expect, we have classmates spread around the globe involved in a myriad of activities. Much has happened since 1983...

     Christina Robertson is now living in England, but does get to return to Rio for vacation. Sandra Greenman has been married for over two years with Carlos Pimentel and works for Icatu, a well-known investment bank in Brazil. Bettina Job is married to Thierry Lange, who is director of the Câmara de Comércio França-Brasil in Rio. Bettina has been teaching English, mainly to children, for over 10 years. Now she has two of her own. She says that Roberto Waddington is working for Pepsi in Florida and has twin girls and that Paula Gomide has two boys of her own. In the last ten years Bettina has been in contact with Carla Leighton, Rosario Lopez, Marguerite Meister, and Graça Lopes whom, although did not graduate with us, did share time in our class. Annabeth Eriksson wrote from her native Sweden saying that she obtained a master of science in electrical engineering. She married Henrik Bergquist and they both spent some time in Madrid working for Ericsson Telecomunicaciones. In August 1994 her daughter Ylva was born and Annabeth is currently enjoying maternity leave. Carlos Gustavo de Moraes e Castro worked in a "pousada" in Búzios and was a reporter for TV Manchete where he had the opportunity to interview ministers of finance, soccer players, Julio Iglesias, and Xuxa! He later became the cultural coordinator for the Centro Cultural Cândido Mendes in Ipanema. He currently teaches English and tutors while keeping active in theater by writing and directing. Gail Montgomery lives in North Carolina with her husband, Mark Andres, and their two children. Rodney Oei and Erika Lillienwald took their high school romance two steps further by getting married last year during the USA Soccer World Cup and by announcing the recent birth of their daughter, Stephanie. They honeymooned in the USA, Europe, and Asia before returning to the Cidade Maravilhosa.

     Paul Huibers is working as national sales manager for Eli Lilly, a large pharmaceutical company, in Lisbon, Portugal. Alexandre Mandina works in network systems and spent some time in Salt Lake City, Utah before heading back to São Paulo where he currently resides. Archie Dick has been working for a software translation company in Ireland. Ariel Cardoso is back in school pursuing a law degree after working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Doug Kilby is living in San Diego and work ing for a law firm. Eduardo Oliveira has accumulated more than 10 years working for KLM in Rio. He and his wife, Marta, are also busy raising their two children. Francisco Conceição is a computer consultant and continues to pursue his musical interests on the side. Gina Ferraro is a flight attendant for Delta Airlines based in Seattle. José Castro currently works for Phillip Morris, after several years with American Cyanamid. His wife, Roxanna, works for Citibank's Brazil desk. They are both enjoying living in New York City. Marcelo Pinto is busy overseeing his father's medical clinic and managing weeknights and weekends a bar/restaurant in Barra da Tijuca co-owned with Marco Antonio Rosa, who spent some time in our class during the late middle school and early high school years. Pablo Arteaga and his wife Lygia live in White Plains, NY and are celebrating the birth of their second son. Pablo works for Union Bank of Switzerland in New York City as a government bond trader. Patrick Delaney and his wife, Berenice, live in Ubatuba, on the coast of the State of São Paulo. Ronny Lemos currently lives in Friburgo where he teaches English. Tatiana Reis is married to Giuseppe, has two daughters, and is contemplating becoming a teacher at the American School. Flávio Carvalho left his job as a researcher at PUC in computer science and his position at a Rio de Janeiro baseball team to come up to the U.S. with intentions of starting graduate school. Flavio and Francisco attended a Jazzmania concert starring Christiaan Oyens, member of our class in lower school and part of middle school. Ricardo Cookson graduated from the Thunderbird School of International Management in Arizona, following the footsteps of Archie, Paul, Rodney, and Pablo, and is currently living in Washington, DC where he started a management consulting company with his father and uncle.

     Well, I hope you enjoyed this class update. I will try to put out another newsletter next year after March 24, the 83rd day of the year. Please send address changes and updates to my address by that date. Good luck and hope to bump into many of you in the years to come. Até logo...

Newsletter (1994)

Relax, this is not a letter asking for over 10 years of past class dues... it is much better than that - it is a first attempt at compiling an alumni directory of our class! We are not many but we are very mobile and it has been difficult to track down a number of you. I will need your help in correcting the mistakes, adding any pertinent information, and mailing it back to my address in Virginia before February 1, 1995. I will then edit the list and mail a more complete and accurate version back to all of you on March 24, the 83rd day of the year. Please correct not only your address, but also the addresses of any other classmates with whom you are currently in touch.

     I have also attached a comments sheet so that you can tell us what you have been up to all these years. What I plan to do is to write a newsletter on the 83rd day of every year with updated information on our classmates and others from E.A. Rio. Perhaps you want to track someone down, announce the birth of a child, a promotion, travel, etc. Remember to provide me with news in time so that I can make the mailing on March 24.

     In June of 1993 several of us got together in Washington D.C. for our alumni weekend. Thanks go to Mariana Sanford and Jill Miller for organizing the event. We spent our weekend sightseeing the city, taking a boat ride on the Potomac River and eating and drinking at a Brazilian restaurant near Georgetown. In attendance were José de Castro, Miguel Eljaiek, Ana Maria Caballero, Karen Strickland, Jill Miller, Mariana Sanford, Ricardo Cookson, and Gina Ferraro. Although Gina left E.A. before our senior year graduation I have included her address and that of Doug Kilby in our class database. If anyone knows the whereabouts of anyone else who shared some time in our class, I will certainly include them as well.

     A couple of weeks after our reunion in D.C. I went to Rio to attend Marcelo Pinto's wedding. At the party were a number of classmates. Those witnessing the event included Patrick Delaney, Alexandre Mandina, Rodney Oei, Ronny Lemos, Eduardo Oliveira, Erika Lilienwald, Tatiana Reis, Flávio Carvalho, Francisco Conceição, Marco Antonio Rosa and Paul Huibers who flew in from Portugal. I must have seen half of our graduating class in a span of three weeks. There is much news from all corners of the globe, many weddings, graduations, and births to announce, but I will save it for the March newsletter.

     I hope this letter finds you and your families well. In the meantime enjoy your holidays and Boa Sorte em 1995! Keep in touch.

Best wishes,