Panther Pause

EARJ’s  new magazine is now being published and distributed to students, parents, and alumni around the world. If you have not gotten your copy it is because the school does not have an address for you. Please contact: Katia Veiga at or by phone 2259-4807 or fax 2259-4722.

EARJ 65th Anniversary Reunion  - August 4-10, 2002

A well organized EA Rio reunion is shaping up for the month of August. They are expecting a large turnout. Some of the events planned are: night at a rehearsal for an “escola de samba”, dinner at Churrascaria Porcão at the Aterro do Flamengo, cocktail at the Gávea Golf Club, “Saveiro” boat ride to Águas Lindas, trip to Imperial Museum in Petrópolis, and to top it off a dinner dance at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. 

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     Marie Asplund is living in Sweden with her 9 year-old boy, Krister. She is “morrendo de saudades” and is looking forward to visiting Rio soon. On the way to Rio perhaps some of you may wish to stop in Miami for a visit. You wouldn’t be the first one. José Castro, Bernard Brown, Pablo Arteaga, and Natacha Vandenhende have all paid a visit. José Castro is in Buenos Aires working at his family’s pork business and using the know-how he acquired at Phillip Morris in New York City. Argentina is facing some tough times, but José is confident the business will prosper in the long run. Bernard Brown came for R&R (rest and relaxation), as he was between jobs in Austin, Texas. He is a homeowner in Texas and is an avid scubadiver. Pablo Arteaga took a family vacation to Ft. Lauderdale before hurricane season started. Outside of work, tough-guy Pablo is involved in jiu-jitsu. Natacha Vandenhende and her family spent several days in the Florida Keys taking advantage of the sun before heading back to Belgium. Her mother has relocated to Marathon, FL where she plans to host her grandkids during vacations and work as a private scubadiving instructor.

     I ran a sprint triathlon (.25 mile swim / 11 mile bike / 3.1 mile run), up in Clermont, FL, a small town just west of Orlando in August. Had a chance later that very same day to have lunch with Roberto Fajardo, one of my very good friends from lower school. Roberto is from Colombia and went to college at the University of New Hampshire. He worked at the Bank of Bogotá in Colombia and Ecuador (he says he was not responsible for the financial meltdown there), and is presently working at Oracle. He is married to Angela and has two boys. Ana Paola Amaral is getting married soon. Flávio Carvalho spent a semester in Europe studying architecture through Virginia Tech. An account of his travels and studies in architecture are in the guest book. He took a side trip to Genoa to meet up with our “italiana”, Annalisa Balestrino. Archie Dick is working as a IT consultant for the Maxim Group, currently on assignment at the School Board of Broward County. He is still a serious Beatles fan and spends his leisure time playing music and tinkering with this website. Carlos Gustavo recently spent several days in Thailand and an account of his travels is also in the guestbook. He will soon provide us with plenty of photos. Marcelo Pinto and Eduardo Oliveira are both living and working in Rio taking care of their respective families and have become internet surfers in their spare time. Like Nostradamus they also write in short, choppy sentences. God help us.

     Erica Migon recently sent an email from Curitiba. She still lives down there with her sisters. More news to follow...

     Natacha Vandenhende is currently in the US on vacation. She plans to spend a couple of months travelling between Texas and Florida with her two kids and husband. Hopefully we'll get a few shots and perhaps a video of our reunião. Masahide Kubo is the most recent member to return to our EARJ83 web community. He is presently living in London, and from what it seems, he'll be staying there for a while.
     Bernard Brown recently came from Austin, Texas to visit Ricardo Cookson and Archie Dick in Miami. A few shots of the trip will soon be available on this site. The three also met with Ana Paola Amaral at a restaurant in Miami Lakes. Alexandre Mandina has recently moved to São Paulo. He's working as a Systems Engineer (Indirect Sales) for Computer Associates. He's getting married to Verônica on September 4, 1999. (Rumor has it that if he gets married before the year 2000, the world is going to end! Nostradamus please take note!)

     José Castro and his wife Roxana recently visited Ricardo and Archie in Miami before they went to Arizona. Pictures will be made available shortly. And another classmate has recently joined the web:  Marie Asplund sent us an email message! She's currently living in Sweden and has a 8 year old son, Krister. Karen Strickland - recently had her first son, Nicholas. Boa bola! A blue bird also told me that Chris Steinmetz will become a father sometime next year.

     Annabeth Eriksson - has two girls, and recently visited Christina in London. Ana Maria Caballero - also has a daughter called Helena. Beate Zander - lives in Berlin with her daughter Maria Pia (31/2 yrs old) and son Lucca (9 months). Annalisa Balestrino - lives in Gênova, and works with translation. Christina Robertson - is presently working at Lord Andrew Lloyd Weber's theatre company in London. Maybe you can descolar some good seats with her! Eleonora Aragão - lives in Luxemburg and works in banking. She married Gian Paolo Corsetti. Naoko Matsumoto - moved back to Japan and had her second son in April. Sandra Greenman - has a son. Silvana Furman - has a daughter named Sarah (1 yr old).

     Christina Robertson is busy receiving guests in her new apartment in the outskirts of London. She visited Carlos Gustavo de Moraes e Castro in Portugal and we got some pictures. Carlos Gustavo also made a recent daring trip to Tunisia. Apparently it included a treck around the Sahara on Jeeps and the obligatory camel trip.

     There was a get together with some old friends at the churrascaria Porcão in Miami. Class members who attended were: Ana Paola Amaral, Patricia Crean, Cindy Carlson, Glen Carlson, John Junyent, Gustavo Junyent, Chris Steinmetz, Ricardo Cookson and Archie Dick. Unfortunately only one picture came out! Hopefully we'll have another opportunity to get better shots.

     Alexandre Mandina is getting married, probably in Rio. More news to follow!  Paul Huibers is getting married to Sonia in Portugal (50km from Faro) on 3/Oct/98, however Christian Rossa beat him to the church. He got married last week (27/Mar/98) and now lives in Kiel, Germany!  On New Year's, Francisco Conceição and Simone met Archie Dick in Miami before heading back to Rio. They spent their time site seeing, mall hopping and visiting/jamming in the majority of the music shops in the area. Check out the pictures.

     On Thanksgiving, Flávio Carvalho and Archie Dick got together with Ricardo Cookson at his house in Falls Church (VA). Pictures of this reunion are on the Images page. After moving to the US in 89, Rômulo Pires is currently finishing his masters degree in computer arts in Cincinnati, OH. He's involved in digital art, with emphasis on video and computer animation, lik what you saw in Star Wars - Episode I. Paul Huibers is still working for Eli Lilly, however he's relocated to their São Paulo branch. Rodney Oei is currently completing the construction of one of the largest theme parks in Latin America: Terra Encantada. After a four year assignment in Ireland, Archie Dick has moved back to the US. Ariel Cardoso will earn his law degree at the end of this year. José Castro and his wife Roxana have moved to Buenos Aires and are currently working with their families. Flávio Carvalho recently began his graduate studies in arquitecture in the US. Alexandre Mandina is still working in network systems, however he's returned to Rio.