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Hey Archie - I just logged onto the EA website, after many years, and thought I'd say hello.  I remember exchanging a few emails with you when I was still living in the Bay Area.  I left a year ago, and moved to Princeton. We love it here. I have 2 sons, Nicholas and Max, ages 3 and 2.  On New Years Eve, I got a surprise phone call from Johanna, who I had lost touch with for ~ 10 years.  She is living in Ohio now, and is driving out here in a few weeks with her 2 daughters to visit. Jackie lives ~ 25 minutes from me, so the three of us will be getting together to reminisce about the good ol days.  I'll try to get some digital pics to send in. Do you know what other 83ers live in the New York area? It would be fun to organize a reunion in New York. Hope you are well. Drop me a line if you can -  take care,k


Archie, just discovered this site. I am so tickled to see all these names and faces again. 18 years is a very long time. I also have info on another class of 83 classmate, please add us to the list. Glad to know life has treated you well. Kim Oliver-Lester I am married, have 3 boys ages 16 and 2 year old twins. Quit my job as a casemanager with troubled kids while pregnant with the twins. Happy to be a stay at home mom. Orlando Figueiredo is also doing well. Found him and sister, Diana, (84') after a long search. "Nano" is stationed in Korea, has been in the Army since leaving Rio. Home is Colorado, where he is married(13 years) and the daddy of two boys. He knows I'm giving you his info....... Looking forward to getting in touch with old friends. Take Care..... Kim Oliver- Lester P.S. Almost forgot here is Nano's e-mail address


Hi Archie,

How are you ? This is Masahide Kubo in EARJ/Class of 83. I'm just writing to update my situation.

Since I moved to London in 1994, I'm still here. I'm still in the same German
bank, but recently internally joined Aircraft finance department from Shipping
finance department. I'm now in charge of airline companies in 15 countries in
Europe. It is a fun since I have lots of opportunities to travel. Since I
started aircraft finance, I tend to look up the sky whenever airplane passes
In private, I'm enjoying the life in London with my wife. We have not visited
Japan for a while, and we are not keen to return to Japan for the time being. While I'm away from Japan so long, I hear the automation in Japan has been
further developed. I guess I would find difficulties even to buy a train ticket

I hope I can visit USA in the near future. I will let you know if I got a

See you soon.


OI Archie- As usual- the website esta joia! Thanks to your work and it, I
heard from Karen Heaberlin recently!It had been 18 years!!!!
Groovy special effects on the first page. Just some updates, I see you have
my current email and that it is valid thru July. Great!
Tem mais coisa ai...
I am no longer at the Carlisle Foundation, have been at Boston University
for over a year, but, com a mudança- no sense in putting it in.
Eu tenho meu endereço e fone no Brasil, vamos estar la depois do dia 19 de
Julho. Here goes-
Rua Santos Dumont 213
Campinas, SP 13024-020
IF you're ever in Campinas - dá um toque, venha dar um oi!
Um abraço,

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